The Gift of Mother’s Day Eve … Alone

Four years ago, my husband gave me a huge surprise. On Mother’s Day Eve, he told me to pack a bag — that he was sending me to a nearby hotel for the night. All. By. Myself. At first I was a bit taken aback. Sure, his parents were visiting and would be able to help take care of our then 3-year old and 6-month old, but what if they needed their mom? He pointed out that they did need their mom. And their mom really, desperately needed a solid night’s sleep (which I hadn’t had in about 6 months thanks to a very sick, needy baby). Since I can’t nurse, he could handle feeding the baby for a night, while I got a quick escape. They’d see me bright and not too-too early in the morning for breakfast.

Within 30 minutes of being away from home, I’d completely bought into the idea. I meandered through shops without having to navigate a stroller. I took a late afternoon nap and woke up to room service and a cheesy rom com on TV. And I got a full night’s sleep. It was heaven.


But the best part? It was being reunited with my family — refreshed, and ready to truly soak up their sweetness on Mother’s Day.

mother's day

In the years since, my husband has continued to give me this gift of peace, quiet, and time. And now the kids show up the next morning with a picnic breakfast and swimsuits so we can hit the hotel pool together. Of course it’s good for me, but it’s funny how much my family enjoys it too. The boys (who are no longer babies) look forward to getting the room ready for me and having a slumber party with Dad, and my husband earns huge points for being so thoughtful and generous, of course.

It truly is the perfect gift if you ask me. What’s your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

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