The Gift of Activity

As a new mother, entertaining my baby proved to be much harder than I’d expected. Bee was fussy and easily bored, continuously begging for stimulation and attention and more bouncing, more rocking… more everything. When nap time rolled around each day, we both would crash from the sheer exhaustion of our active mornings.

One of my girlfriends recommended an activity plush – an exploratory toy that offers a variety of textures, sounds and shapes to keep Bee occupied, whether on the go or lounging around at home. And I’ll admit – I was skeptical. Surely a toy the size of my fist couldn’t possibly entertain Bee for more than a few seconds, right?



When strapped to the car seat, Bee didn’t scream or fuss – she cooed and reached for the plush overhead. When attached to the stroller, Bee no longer needed eye contact and constant stimulation – she played quietly with her plush for the duration of our walks. When at home, Bee grabbed onto her plush and distracted herself with the crinkle sounds, soft chimes and teething rings.

It was a teether for soothing, a toy for distracting, a game for playing. It was an all-in-one, multi-purposed magic wand for Bee, one that I was amazed I didn’t purchase sooner.

More importantly, the plush made it possible for me to enjoy a few moments of quiet – moments where Bee was happily playing and fully entertained. Moments when I could warm up my tea and watch from the sidelines, witnessing the tiniest of babies growing up right before my eyes.

If you have a new mom in your life, consider a few of these fan-favorite activity plushes: Tigger ($20) and Pooh ($20). Her eyes will light up nearly as much as the babe’s. Merry Christmas, friends!

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