The First Years Disney Doc McStuffins Insulated Sippy Cup and Spill-Proof Snack Bowl

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Disney Doc McStuffins Insulated Sippy Cups and Doc McStuffins Spill-Proof Snack Bowl for free.

My 18-month-old daughter is in love with Doc McStuffins, and so am I. Now, I am also in love with the Doc McStuffins sippy cups and snack bowls from The First Years. Not only are these feeding products adorable, but I find them durable and incredibly easy to clean. 

The spill-proof snack bowl has a convenient screw-on lid and handle, making it easy for my little girl to hold while accessing her tasty snacks. After she’s done snacking, I just unscrew the top and put both pieces in the dishwasher.


The insulated sippy cups are fabulous because the double layer insulation helps to keep liquids cold for longer (perfect for the warm summer months ahead). The double layer also makes the cups sweat-proof, so no worries about the cup slipping out of your little one’s hands. I also love that the lids are just one piece, making the cups super easy to wash (without worrying about losing any small pieces).

I think any little girl would fall in love with these super cute Doc McStuffins products from The First Years, and also think any busy mom will appreciate the durability and convenience of the products as well. I know I sure do.

Speaking of busy moms, The First Years is hosting a “What Would You Do With More Time For You” Mother’s Day Contest. To enter the contest on Facebook, just click here.

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