Photo Project: Our Baby’s First Six Months

I knew that I wanted to do a photo of our son every month to see how he grew. What I didn’t know was how completely blown away I’d be when looking back at the images. I’m so happy I did this project, and I’m so excited to continue it through his first year of life. It’s a super easy project anyone can do.

First, choose a location and a pose that your baby (and/or you) will be in. Make it simple and easily accessible so you can do it without a lot of trouble each month. We chose this simple pose of me holding him in front of my belly. You could also lay your baby on the bed next to a favorite or special stuffed animal. Another idea is to use the same piece of furniture like a big comfy chair to show size and scale as baby gets bigger and fills more of the chair. The options are endless! And no matter what you chose, you will absolutely LOVE looking back at the photos! Get snapping! ;)

  • The First Six Months

    The First Six Months

    This is our son now. He has grown so much in the last half of a year that it is almost unbelievable. We took a photo in the same spot every month to show how much he changed. Click on to see the slideshow!

  • One Week Old

    One Week Old

    For the first month, we took a photo every week since he was changing so quickly. This was his first photo for the project: one week tiny.

  • The First Month

    The First Month

    Our son grew so much taller in the first month. He got a bit lanky there for a bit. But don’t worry, he chunked back out again soon…

  • The Second Month

    The Second Month

    When I look back at photos, this is the photo where I feel like our son began to look like “The Bubs” (which is his nickname). This was the month when we really started to learn his quirks and his personality started to shine.

  • The Third Month

    The Third Month

    At three months old our son had already changed so much. He was longer, stronger, and determined to learn how to sit up on his own.

  • The Fourth Month

    The Fourth Month

    Wowza! I don’t remember our son getting so chunky so quickly but in his fourth month he really porked out a bit. Little did we know a big growth spurt was just around the corner!

  • The Fifth Month

    The Fifth Month

    In his fifth month, our son became a little man. He was laughing, smiling, trying to crawl, and had outgrown most of the clothes we had for him.

  • The Sixth Month!

    The Sixth Month!

    We made it halfway! I can’t believe how fast the first 6 months have gone by. Looking back, I can’t even believe our son was ever that small! He is now sleeping through the night, crawling, eating pureed fruits and veggies, and trying to walk all day long. I can’t wait to see what the next six months has in store for us!

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