The First “I Love You!”

We all start out the same. We start out as brand new moms with these tiny newborns. Scared but excited. Experiencing this new love that we have never felt before. A love that is so consuming it literally hurts. A love that is unshakeable. From that day on, we can never tell them we love them enough. We say it to them everyday and dream of the day that they can say it back. And let me just say, when that day comes, it is nothing short of amazing.

Just over the past week Baylor has really been a sponge when it comes to words. He is repeating phrases and you can understand them clear as day. For me it is so exciting to watch him learn and communicate. He is learning shapes, and colors, and all kinds of things. It is really amazing to see what he is capable of. I am so proud of him.


I try to fill as much of his life with light and love. I try to surround him with happiness at all times. I want his childhood to be nothing short of magical. Everyday I tell him I love him. I tell him about a thousand times a day. And that isn’t an exaggeration. I tell him I love him so much because not only is it true but I want him to know what it is like to be loved. Really be loved. I don’t think you can ever say that enough to the people you love.

Since he is so great at picking up on phrases, he has said “I love you” a few times. Those occasions always come when he is repeating it though. Yesterday he ran up to me, gave me a hug, and said, “I uv youuuu!” He said it all on his own. I don’t think my heart has ever smiled so big. I literally cried you guys! I have never felt so much happiness before.

His first 15 months of life have honestly gone by so fast. Soon I will have a 2-year-old. And then before I know it I will be sending him off to school. And then in a blink of an eye he will be married and on his own. I am not oblivious to the fact that life moves much faster than we want it to. If there was ever one thing that I want to really instill in him, it is to love and be loved.

Obviously I know that when he said that, that it was most likely out of habit. But I also hope that him saying that also means that I am doing something right. That he does feel loved. And that he is happy.


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