How Bathtime Changes As Baby Gets Older

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Once upon a time, I would bathe my baby while holding her up with my arms because she was too tiny to support her own body. I would gently wash her while being careful not to splash her or get water in her eyes.

Pooh_babyshampoogroup_babyfresh-sqAnd then one day before I knew it, I was sitting beside her as she played in the tub, me wiping water from my face as I watched her giggle. Somewhere along the way, she had learned how to splash.

My fragile little newborn evolved into a wiggly baby. Bathtubs were no longer just for bathing. They were for kicking your feet feverishly as water flowed over the side of the tub; and once sitting up became easy to do, they were no longer for kicking feet but for a new kind of splashing — hands rising and plummeting into the water time and time again.

As bathtime becomes even more fun for my sweet Lola, I am finding that it involves more cleanup for me. Puddles line the bathroom floor and water stains cover my shirt.

As bathtime for Lola evolves, it also evolves for me. Bathtime began as a chance for me to simply wash my baby and prepare her for bed. I would talk and smile while she would listen — and over time, offer up the occasional coo. Then one day, it became a chance for her to play and laugh. I still talk, but now we laugh together. And as I bathe her while she splashes, the only thing on my mind is bathtime. During our time together, the bathroom is filled with the sound of laughter, water splashing, and a mama speaking to her baby in that sing-song voice synonymous with motherhood.

When she is done, I swoop her up and wrap her in a cozy towel. As I smile at how cute she looks all wrapped up, I am again reminded of how much she’s grown. No longer just still, but wiggling in my arms. For me, bathtime isn’t just about bathing — it’s about bonding and taking a moment to just be. While she sits soaking her little body in the tub, I sit soaking in this part of her development and all the magic that comes with it — wet clothes, giggles, smiles, and the sweet smell of a freshly bathed babe.

The day will come when I will miss the sound of laughter to the tune of water splashing. I remind myself to continue soaking in the magic while it lasts. Before I know it, simple splashes will be replaced by a tub full of toys and imaginative play. Bathtime once again will have evolved.

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