The Era of the Exersaucer: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me this Disney Baby THE LION KING Premier Pounce & Play for free.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the exersaucer. Love: They give babies their first experience at solo play, and they can finally occupy themselves while you cook dinner — and happily, I might add! I’ve never met a baby who didn’t love a good exersaucer. Hate: They’re big and obnoxious and — although a favorite for babies — very short-lived. Like so many pieces of must-have baby gear, it only gets used for a few months before being retired. (Which is why they make a great baby gift idea — every mom wants one, but doesn’t want to spend money on it.) And what’s up with them all being such eyesores?

Except — gosh, you guys. I actually really like this Premier Pounce & Play by Bright Starts and Disney. Of all the exersaucers that Noah and Benjamin had/have, this is — by far — my favorite.

See what makes this baby exersaucer the best:

  • Disney Baby THE LION KING Premier Pounce & Play

    Disney Baby THE LION KING Premier Pounce & Play

    It took a little time to put together, but Benjamin now has a favorite seat in the room. Take a look at some of our favorite features…

  • Happy Baby!

    Happy Baby!

    Benjamin lights up every time he gets into this seat — bouncing and banging and smiling. I’d say that it’s because he’s a fan of exersaucers (babies LOVE these things), but he doesn’t have this reaction with any other exersaucer — like the ones at his Grandmas’ houses. This one fits him better than any other, probably because it’s height adjustable for his size and development.

  • 10 Different Toys and Activities

    10 Different Toys and Activities

    …like this rattle (which happens to be Ben’s fave).

  • 360-degree Rotation

    360-degree Rotation

    Benjamin spins himself in circles going from one toy to the next.

  • Compact and Attractive

    Compact and Attractive

    Even my husband — a stickler for minimalist style — doesn’t mind this “Pounce & Play” sitting in the corner of our living room. Unlike other bright eyesores, this Lion King exersaucer has more attractive neutral colors in a more compact size.

  • Hi, Handsome

    Hi, Handsome

    He especially loves cooing at the handsome little boy in the leaf mirror.

  • Music

    Music "Piano"

    Ben LOVES banging on the three-button “piano” that lights up and plays music/animal sounds. And because of the hanging triangular pad underneath his feet, he can bounce up and down to the music. (I think the bouncing pad is the biggest reason he likes this exersaucer over any other.)

  • Height Adjustable

    Height Adjustable

    As I mentioned before, this Pounce & Play is height adjustable — so the triangular pad gets lowered as Ben gets taller. This seriously lengthens its usability compared to other stationary exersaucers. This is on the first of three adjustability settings — so Ben has plenty more months to bounce and play.

  • Can You Feel the Love (Today)?

    Can You Feel the Love (Today)?

    But the biggest reason we love this exersaucer is because he loves it so much.

    Buy it from Babies R Us ($69.99).

All photos by Picnik Photography.

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