The End of the Only Child

I am 29 weeks pregnant today and with only 11 weeks (give or take) left to go of this pregnancy, I’m becoming acutely aware that my time as a mother to an only child is slowly coming to an end. The days of just she and I having our own little adventures (or rather “abentures” as she likes to call them) will soon give way to having adventures with a little brother in tow. It’s a bittersweet transition and one that I’ve experienced a lot of different feelings about.

Magical Moments of Pregnancy

{Photo by Coeur de La Photography}


It’s an odd feeling to be expecting something while also completely not knowing what to expect. What will this new little person be like? Will my daughter like being a big sister? Will she be jealous? Will I be able to handle it all? These are the questions that I ask myself all the time lately.

While I’m so excited to meet this little man of ours, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have moments of feeling a little sad at the loss of one-on-one time with my girl, or worries that my heart somehow won’t know how to expand to love another child. I know these thoughts are normal and I know that a lot of moms worry about these things. I also know that my heart will grow and I will love this little boy beyond what I thought possible…just like I did with my daughter.

But, in the mean time, I’m soaking up the last of these moments with my not-so-baby girl. Pushing her on swings, going to the zoo, having picnics in the living room and snuggling up to watch her favorite shows. We’ll be able to do these things when Baby Brother arrives too, but she definitely won’t have my undivided attention for awhile, so I’m just enjoying these sweet moments while I still have them.

And soon a new chapter will begin…a chapter filled with joy unimaginable and a sweet, little sibling for my girl.

We’re looking forward to the adventure.

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