The Easiest Unbirthday Cake for Babies & Toddlers

A while ago I shared my coconut spelt flour pancake recipe with y’all. Refined sugar-free, easy to make, and mighty tasty. It’s been one of my most popular posts here on Disney Baby and I completely understand why. It’s the perfect food or snack for Stage 3 eaters and up – void of processed sugars and white starchy flours! My family eats those pancakes up at least twice, sometimes three times a week. Heck, sometimes we even have breakfast for dinner – of said pancakes, green smoothies and turkey bacon or double smoked turkey kielbasa from the Farmers Market. So easy, so good.


Which is exactly what busy mamas and papas are looking for in a recipe, especially on weeknights. Perhaps even more so when one of their littles has a birthday which falls on a weeknight – very close to the big bash they might be preparing for that weekend (me last week.) That’s right – Abby turned two last Friday, and we were having a friend-and-family Alice In Wonderland-themed bash on that Saturday. Suffice it to say, I was busy, but not so busy that I didn’t want to do a little something special for my girl on the actual day of her birth!

I racked my brain at the last hour wondering what I was going to throw together for dinner – pretty much having given up on the notion of having something to stick a candle in. And then, in the recesses of my Pinterest-flooded brain, a flashing vision of a leaning tower of pancakes fluttered across my brain. Pretty sure I had seen this done somewhere else, however I lay claim to such easy magnificence because A. the recipe is mine and B. the filling makes it! If you’d like to see what I stacked in there, continue reading here!

Obviously Abby didn’t eat that whole tier – it’s all about the presentation. She did have quite the time tearing into it, kind of like a smash cake and sharing with her brother and daddy.

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