The Easiest (And Cutest) Father’s Day Present Ever

I love planning presents for people–it’s definitely my love language.

There’s just something so fun about finding (or making) the perfect present and watching the gift recipient light up.

Naturally, I’m already thinking about what I want to get my husband for Father’s Day. (It’s coming up, guys–June 15th!) I’m not one for the typical tie or the beer cake, perhaps because my husband rarely wears ties and would rather have real cake, I’m sure, so I’m on the hunt for a more meaningful present that will express how much he means to me.

Because honestly, my husband is an amazing father. And while I am of the firm belief that parents need to be partners, I am also of the firm belief that appreciation goes a long way. My husband is a wonderful parent, never failing to get up in the night with kids, always playing with our daughters and son, and he can do that magic football hold that always soothes a fussy baby. (It’s a miracle, I am telling you.)

It’s a tall order to come up with a gift that fits all that and let’s face it–I’m really not that crafty or cool. But I did come across a super easy and super cute Father’s Day gift last year that he loved!

Father’s Day DIY Photo Collage


The main criteria for this Father’s Day gift? It’s super easy, super cheap, and super cute! Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Assemble your children. Purely for the purpose of this craft, of course, I chose to give birth to three children. Ok, so I’m kidding, but it worked out. If you have three children like me, it’s easy to let them each hold a letter. If you have one child, you will have to alternate, and if you have two, it would be nice to have a picture of both of them for one of the frames. With more children, you may have to get creative with the grouping or spell out “Daddy” or maybe a special nickname.

Step 2: The letters. You can pick up the letters for “Dad” at any local craft store–I got mine for less than a dollar each at my grocery store of all places and painted them white. Rustic, unpainted would look totally cute too!

Step 3: Pose and hope for the best. I had some really ridiculous outtakes of this picture with my children, oh my goodness. They just.would.not.cooperate. Taking pictures of kids, especially three of them, one who is a baby can be so hard, but fear not. Just take a million pictures and if all else fails, hey at least he’ll recognize them if they’re acting like their normal selves, right?

Step 4: Arrange the pictures. I took each picture individually, printed them out at my photo store, and then bought a 3-picture frame to place them in. If you prefer, you could also use a photo editing image, like PicMonkey, to edit the pictures into a collage for a plain frame.

Step 5: Present to Dad! This was last year’s gift and my kids were so excited to give the present to their Dad. He’s a teacher, so he of course proudly displayed this gift up on his desk. Awesome Father’s Day present that was cute, meaningful, and inexpensive? Mission accomplished.

What do you plan on getting your husband for Father’s Day?


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