The Due Date Waiting Game

My due date is officially a thing of the past. It came and went and nothing happened. I wasn’t expecting to deliver the baby that day, hardly any women ever do. But I was expecting to feel something. You know, a contraction or two. Or three or four. My body and I have been through this 3 times before. We know the drill. No need for a dress rehearsal, we got this. I was certain with all the nesting I nested and the cooking I cooked and the preparing I prepared, that I would have actually had the baby early. That clearly hasn’t been the case.

The Due Date Waiting Game

My pregnancy announcement now has incorrect information. But perhaps that just adds to the birth story. My entire pregnancy, I’ve “known” when I would have the baby. Five more months. 12 more weeks. 9 more days. Now I’m just waiting. Waiting for baby to decide it’s ready to leave it’s cozy confines to join this big world. The simple fact of being able to wait is such a blessing. With my first two pregnancies, my doctor held the threat of induction over my head, not trusting me or my body to do what it was meant to do. I am beyond grateful to now have a midwife that believes in the natural process and understands that perhaps the baby needs just a little more time.

I won’t be pregnant forever. It’s only a matter of days. Perhaps hours? My daughters ask me constantly, “when is the baby going to be born?” I wish I had an answer. They are incredibly excited to meet their newest sibling. I don’t blame them. I have the worst case of baby fever. I’ve practically been stalking my fellow Disney Baby blogger, Lacy Stroessner’s, newest addition on Instagram. Oh my, that Margot is a precious one! Even my sister-in-law who was due two weeks after me had her baby and I’m over the moon for her little guy. We love babies around here and it’s driving us mad waiting upon our own!

I’ve been told it’ll happen when I least expect it. As I type this out, my house looks like a tornado hit it despite being professionally cleaned just last week. Baby Z is climbing all over my back and shoulders. I’ve nearly finished all the coconut water I had reserved to drink during my labor. Maybe I should just grab the last of my coconut waters, kick up my feet amidst this chaos, and watch some home design shows. Labor? I’m not thinking about labor…

 How many days before or after your due date did you deliver your baby?

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