The Disney “Tsum Tsums” Are Here!

Say hello to a whole new stackable world of cute from Disney Store: the Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys are here! These super popular toys, based on the endlessly playable, ridiculously adorable Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game (available on Google Play and App Store) have been a huge hit in Japan, and now they’ve made their way overseas so we can all share in the cuteness!


“Tsum Tsum” is Japanese for “stack stack” and the game and toys take their names from the ancient Zen art of stacking stones – and stacking just happens to be the favorite thing Disney Tsums love to do! There are so many Tsums to choose from and make a perfect cuddly plush toy for your little one. Planning a Disney-themed nursery? These little stackable plush toys are a must to add a dash of Disney cuteness to your little one’s nursery! The ideas are endless for baby with Disney Tsums: baby’s first stuffed toy, nursery decorations, an adorable, simple baby shower gift or even party favors for baby’s first birthday party!

Let’s take a look at these kawaii (Japanese for “super cute”) creations!

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