The Cup She Absolutely Can’t Do Without

Kids have this way of clinging to the things we least expect. My kids just love certain cups. My daughter especially loves her Minnie Mouse sippy cups made by The First Years. If her drink is not in the right cup, her entire day can go wrong. 

Offering a wide selection of Disney characters to choose from, The First Years gives us so many ways to add a touch of fun and and style to mealtimes.

Whether you are in search of “Take and Toss” cups, insulated cups, spill-proof cups, great cups for travel, or straw cups, The First Years has you covered. I especially love their one-piece lids, giving me a chance to properly clean my daughter’s sippy cups without feeling like it may not really be clean.

Available at a number of retailers, click here to see what The First Years has in store for you and your baby.

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