30 of the Most Usable Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities are known for their bizarre, out-there baby name choices (Audio Science? Bear Blu? Moon Unit?), but there have been certain celebrity baby names that were actually quite lovely.

And by today’s standards, although some still may be a little quirky, they also have a classic, usable element to them.


Here are some of my favorite celebrity baby names from years past — many of which might give you some serious name inspiration.


Penelope Scotland – Although Kourtney Kardashian made headlines when she chose this name for her daughter, let’s not forget that Tina Fey has a little Penelope as well.

Alice – Speaking of Tina Fey, she named her first daughter Alice — which is getting more and more popular each year.

Hattie Margaret – Tori Spelling surprised the world by picking this beautiful vintage-sounding name for her daughter.

Pearl Bailey – Oh how I adore the name Pearl, which was chosen by funny-lady Maya Rudolph, as well as Jack Osbourne.

AdelineThe Big Bang Theory actor Simon Helberg went with this charming alternative to more common relatives Adele, Addie, and Madeline.

Olive – Drew Barrymore chose this old-lady-turned-spunky-alternative-to-Olivia name for her daughter.

Iris – Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann used this pretty flower name on their daughter — which could be a usable alternative to Lily or Rose.

Maude – Another daughter of Apatow and Mann, which is becoming a “hipper” favorite among the naming enthusiasts.

Ruby – Actress Marley Shelton chose this gem name for her daughter.

Marlowe Ottoline – Sienna Miller paired these uncommon names together, but actor Jason Schwartzmann also has a little Marlowe.

Maple Sylvie – This name — which belongs to Jason Bateman’s daughter — veers more to the unusual side, but it sure is pretty. (Sylvie might be more a more useable option.) Maple’s sister, Francesca Nora, has a more traditional name — but just as pretty.

ElizaPrivate Practice star Caterina Scorsone picked a name that just might start climbing up the charts.

Ivy (as in Blue Ivy) – “Blue” might be a little too far out for you, but the middle name of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter just might resonate.

Emery – Actors Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn picked a traditional boy’s name for their daughter — and it later became a fast-growing name trend.

Harlow – Nicole Richie and Joel Madden picked this name a few years back.

Etta Jones – Carson Daly chose this jazz-sounding name for his daughter.

Poppy JamesGrey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw paired a spunky yet feminine flower name with a traditional boy’s name. (Poppy James sounds a little more useable than the similar celeb baby name Poppy Honey, which belongs to the daughter of Jamie Oliver.)

Mabel – Another old-lady-turned-modern name for the newest daughter of Bruce Willis.

Estelle – Sweden’s Princess Victoria chose this name for her daughter.



Flynn – A spin on the popular Finn, this name was chosen by Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.

Leo Grey – Of course Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney would pick the coolest name for their baby boy — joining cool-kid brother Axel Lee.

Luca Cruz – Hilary Duff chose this soft yet smart-sounding name for her son — and I love it.

Milo Thomas – This handsome name belongs to Alyssa Milano’s son.

Arlo Robert – Son of Toni Colette, Arlo is another “o”-ending name.

Indiana August – son of Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix.

Levi – As in Matthew McConaughey’s cutie pie — not of the earlier Palin-associated fame.

Samuel – The youngest member of the Affleck/Garner clan, joining sisters Violet and Seraphina.

Roman – This name was picked by two celebs: Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing (separately, of course).

Camden John – Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo chose this name for their son. Coincidentally, reality star Kristin Cavallari named her August-born baby Camden Jack.

Weston – The name of Jenna Fisher’s son — with the cool-kid nickname “West.”


What are some of YOUR favorite celebrity baby names?

Photo: Flickr/Natalie Romay

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