The Bright Side of Pregnancy Exhaustion

As I enter my 8th month of pregnancy this week, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted and foggy headed. Before this, pregnancy was flying by and I often found myself forgetting that I was even pregnant, but now? Time feels like it’s slowed to a standstill. I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant and with 9(+/-) weeks to go it feels like forever. My energy has decreased while my toddler’s energy has increased. By the end of each day I find myself counting the minutes until my daughter’s bed time when I can drop like a ton of bricks onto my couch. But, this past week I found out the reason behind my exhaustion…

The Bright Side of Pregnancy Exhaustion

Apparently I’m anemic (or in the words of my midwife: “super anemic”). After getting some blood work taken it was clear that a lack of iron was playing a huge role in my exhaustion and the lack of oxygen to my brain was the cause for all that foggy headedness. So, despite the fact that being anemic isn’t exactly fabulous news, there is a bright side in that now I know why I was feeling so terrible and hopefully I can do something about it.

I’ve already upped my iron intake per my midwife’s instructions and will be testing my blood again in a couple of weeks to see if my levels are where they need to be and I’m hopeful that they will be.

Just wanted to share this little PSA in case any other mamas out there are feeling extra exhausted. There is definitely a level of exhaustion that comes with the territory of being pregnant, but being anemic just adds another level to it. If you’ve been feeling extra tired, maybe you might consider asking your doctor to test your iron levels – apparently somewhere around 20% of pregnant women are anemic. Just knowing this feels so much more empowering and maybe it will for you as well. Looking forward to being proactive about getting my energy back!

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