The Boy with the Chameleon Eyes

My husband’s eyes are light blue like clear water; sometimes they are gray like an overcast sky. Mine are dark like espresso beans. Always dark. We were so curious what our son’s eyes would look like. And he kept us on our toes as his eyes changed colors multiple times over the first nine months of his life. See the transformation and find out what color they settled on in the slideshow below!

  • Born Blue

    Born Blue

    When our son was born his eyes were blue. A dark, steel-colored blue. And they stayed that way for quite a while. We were fairly convinced that he’d inherited my husband’s eye color. Then…

  • Hello Hazel!

    Hello Hazel!

    By his first summer, his eyes changed to a golden hazel. How pretty! We thought perhaps he had forged his own path and chosen an eye color somewhere between that of his dad and me. But then…

  • He Gets It from His Mama!

    He Gets It from His Mama!

    They changed again! To a rich, warm brown. Not exactly the same as mine (mine have a lot of red in them actually) but dark brown to be sure.

    Did your baby’s eyes change color too?


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