The Big Boy Bed

Well… it happened. Our tiny acrobat, I mean son, has figured out how to climb out of his crib. So today, we said bye-bye to his babyhood (pardon me while I stand in the corner and cry) and welcomed in full-fledged toddler time by converting his bed to a “big boy bed.” I can’t believe it’s already time. Where did the last two years go? 

  • Bye Bye Crib, Hello Big Boy Bed

    Bye Bye Crib, Hello Big Boy Bed

    Today was the day. Mark it down in that baby book, Honey. Our little man has a big boy bed now. The days of the crib are over…

  • So Big

    So Big

    He could pretty easily get himself out of his crib so we knew it was time. It’s so strange now to see him in the bed with the new guard rails. Seems like just yesterday we picked the crib out online!

  • No Stopping Him Now

    No Stopping Him Now

    Of course now we’re having to work on staying IN the big boy bed. HAHA!


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