The Best Trick for Getting Your Kiddo to Eat Veggies

No joke, getting my kids to eat is one of the hardest parts of being a parent of little ones. When they were tiny babes and exploring new tastes, they’d try everything! Now that they are a little bit older, it’s hard to tell what they’ll eat and what they won’t. We have tried all of the tricks in the book for getting them to eat veggies – mixing them into smoothies or pasta sauce, cutting them into cute shapes, letting them eat dip along with it, etc. None of these things work very well for my girls. Click through to see what has worked the best…

Letting them pick it straight out of the garden! 

Seriously, folks. Put kale on my kid’s dinner plate, they won’t eat. Let them pick it from the garden? They’ll gobble it down and ask for more. I kid you not. This photo is of my daughter Ingrid, eating a carrot she picked from our garden this past weekend. Our girls helped plant our garden. They planted seeds. They water it on a regular basis. They get excited to see when new vegetables are coming in. Best of all, they love eating straight from the source! If you have a picky eater on your hands, try to grow a few things and see if they’d like to help. Chances are, they’ll love it and they’ll love to eat it even more!

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