The Best of Friends


We all grow up watching the best examples of friendship through Disney movies. I don’t think friends come much truer than Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin or Bambi and Thumper. We all imagine our babies growing up with a friendship like that. My sweet baby hit the jackpot when it comes to the best of best friends.

I was lucky enough to learn that I was expecting with two of my closest friends. When we found out that we were, in fact, all expecting boys, it was like the stars aligned for us all. I had Baylor within just a few months that both of my best friends had their babies. Baylor was then blessed with two best friends. Kutter (pictured in the top photo on the right) was born just one month after Baylor and Wyman (pictured in the bottom photo on the left) was born just two months after Baylor. Baylor sees these two babes just about every week for playdates and fun. He knows exactly who they are and loves them like they were his brothers.

For Baylor, it truly is a magical thing to have these two in his life. They are both the most beautiful of souls! As for me, I am so thankful that he has these two boys to grow up with. They will be there for him and offer him support at times that I may not even realize. (And, I will always have their mamas to lean on when they are driving us all crazy. Haha!)

I will never take for granted that the timing for these boys to come into the world was perfect. They really are the best of friends to my sweet Bay!

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