The Best Birthday Advice I Can Possibly Give

I’m sure there are quite a few people who come to this blog in search of inspiration for baby birthday parties. Turning one is kind of a big deal, so I totally get it. I could point you to a thousand photos and links of beautiful birthday parties. Parties with clever themes and color schemes and frilly dresses and little bow ties. Parties comprised of of hand-stamped party bags and homemade cupcakes with little DIY pennant banners placed carefully on top. Parties where there is a photo booth and awesome props and gifts piled to the ceiling. Parties like that are fun to look at. But, that’s not the birthday party advice I’m going to give you. As a mom who has been through two birthday parties now, this is the best birthday advice I can possibly give…

The Best Birthday Advice I Can Possibly Give

Keep it simple and 100% about your child.

Birthdays are my favorite and they are completely magical. I look forward to the birthdays of the friends and family in my life because it is a day when I get to spoil them and show them love and make the entire day about them. Does that mean that I need to have an elaborate theme to make it special? No! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the world of perfect images on the internet and feel like we have to achieve this certain level of creativity when it comes to special occasions. The truth is, sometimes the most magical things are the simplest things.

For my daughter’s 2nd birthday this month I made the entire day about her. She got to pick out her very own (pink) donut for breakfast and we ate all of her favorite things throughout the day. We read her favorite books and I let her take as many toys as she wanted when we went on our outing. There weren’t a ton of presents and there wasn’t a decoration in sight, but the day was all about her and in the end it was obvious that she felt loved and that is what matters most.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a beautiful party for your child though, so if you want to create a birthday party with fancy invitations and a three-tier cake and doing so doesn’t feel overwhelming to you – then go for it! I will be admiring all of your lovely party photos on Pinterest! But, if you’re feeling the pressure to create this one perfect day and it’s stressing you out (like it was me)…let it go. Just love your child the best you can and make the day simple and sweet and it will be the most perfect birthday celebration there ever was.

This is the magic that childhoods are made of – all of the little moments.

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