This is the Best Baby Bib I’ve Used

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Bumkins Bib for free.

Having parented small children for nearly four years now, I’ve tried more bibs than I can almost believe.

I’ve used washable bibs and terrycloth bibs. My girls have worn handmade bibs and bibs that came free with coordinating outfits. We have snap bibs and Velcro bibs.

But this Bumkins bib is hands-down the best bib I’ve ever used.

It’s extremely light and folds up really small (which makes it great for taking when you’re going out to dinner or on vacation with a little one). It’s machine washable, has a little pocket, and comes in the most darling patterns.

My one-year-old likes to rip her bibs off, but she doesn’t even seem to notice this one. She eats her dinner and then I wash her hands, take off the bib and she’s spotless. I think I need about ten of these.

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