The Beauty of Traveling with Babies

Our wee family of three just recently landed home after a two-week trip overseas and although we’re fighting serious bouts of jet lag (I’m writing this at 3 a.m. and Bee is up and at ’em!), we’ve returned nothing short of inspired…

baby opening door

There were lows on this getaway: long flight delays in unfamiliar territory, inaccessibility of Bee’s favorite comfort foods, a lost blanket that was mixed up with hotel housekeeping and never seen again.


But for every low, there were indescribable highs: co-sleeping in a tiny twin bed, walking daily to a riverside cafe for an avocado breakfast, hearing Bee’s language flourish and blossom in a new country.

As a mother, I’m so quick to fight change, to release control. After all, this gig moves by so quickly and sometimes it seems that if I hold tighter and grip firmer, perhaps I can slow time?

But I’m finding that by leaning into uncharted territory under the guise of an adventure, the world tastes a bit sweeter. My eyes widen; our understanding deepens. I can come alongside Bee and learn with her, each of us soaking in what’s intended for us.

As a result, we return home with a fresh perspective, seeing our own town in a new, sun-basked light. And although I learned many practical tips on this trip (that I’m excited to share later!), we learned something entirely more useful: the importance of adventure. The benefits of change.

And the necessity of family.

“There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.” -Hodding Carter

Tell me, what are some beautiful life lessons you’ve learned while traveling with your babies? I’d love to hear!

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