The Basics of Baby Massage

When we were in the thick of colic with my son, few things calmed his body and quieted his screams. One of the only things that was consistently effective was massage.

We know how important touch and skin-to-skin contact is for babies, and massage can be a wonderful way to explore that connection. Massage has been shown to help calm babies, improve their sleep, and even facilitate brain development. There are also benefits for mothers: it can reduce stress and boost mother-baby bonding as well.


While there are professionals who provide infant massage, it’s also something that can easily be done at home and incorporated into the nighttime bonding routine. Here are some basics to get you started!

  •  After bath time, find a dark, quiet spot in your home. Begin by cuddling with your baby and talking in a soft, soothing voice.
  • Lay a clean blanket on a soft, flat surface (we always used my bed) and place your baby on her back.
  • Using a small amount of baby lotion or vegetable-based oil (such as coconut oil), start with your baby’s head and face. Use soft, gentle motions as you touch her forehead, temples, cheeks, and ears.
  • Continue to her shoulders, tummy, arms and hands, and move to her legs and feet.
  • Once you’ve gotten to her sweet baby toes, pick her up and cuddle her close for a moment before placing her back on the blanket, this time on her stomach.
  • Repeat the process from head to toe.
Once you’re finished with the massage, your baby will be relaxed and ready to continue with her bedtime routine. It can be a great way for her to make the connection between daytime, stimulating activities and bedtime soothing activities.
If you’ve tried massaging your baby, I’d love to hear your tips and technique in the comments! It’s such a great way to bond and enjoy the benefits of one of the most important senses— touch.
Image: music2fish2/Flickr
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