Our Unexpected Bonding Spot

An unexpected favorite bonding spot for our family is our back porch hammock.

At some point every day, I take time to climb into our hammock and snuggle my little ones. It’s a time to slow down, feel the wind and hold my babies close.

  • a bonding spot

    Hammock Bonding

    Our back porch hammock has become a beautiful bonding spot for our family. A getaway, an escape…for a few moments to snuggle and enjoy the outdoors.

  • new baby

    A Peaceful Spot for a New Baby

    Our new baby loves to be outside. If she is ever fussy, she is instantly calm when we go outdoors. The hammock is a great place to calm her down and snuggle with her at the same time.

  • daddy time

    Perfect for Daddy Time

    The hammock has been a sweet spot for my husband to bond with our babies. Many mornings he creeps outside with a blanket and bottle in hand…ready to swing with all three.

  • naptime

    A Naptime Saver

    There are always those days when my babies refuse to nap. The hammock is a nice escape. A place to rest when a nap isn’t going to happen.

  • the bedrest mama

    Nice for a Bedrest Mama

    I was on bedrest my last two pregnancies. The hammock was a nice way to be on bedrest outside while my toddlers played in the summer months.

  • a memory maker

    A Memory Maker

    So many sweet moments have happened in our back porch hammock. I can see our kiddos telling stories of snuggles, early mornings, and backyard playtime all in this sweet space.


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