The Baby Shower Gifts I Actually Used the Most

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Baby showers are so much fun! You get to eat yummy food, play fun games, and open tons of gifts — all while being showered with love and excitement.

With all of the gifts that come your way at a baby shower, there are some that you just won’t be able to live without — and others you thought you needed, but will never use.

baby shower gifts

Here are the baby shower gifts that I actually used the most.

1. Pacifiers. Those things somehow run away into the abyss, never to be found again. If you have a baby who takes a pacifier, you can never have too many. Keep a couple in the car, in your purse, in the nightstand even. That thing sometimes means the difference between a calm baby and a screamer.

2. Size 1 diapers. Do yourself a favor and don’t even register for boxes of newborn diapers. Most babies will only fit in newborn diapers for a couple weeks. You’re better off just buying your own one box of newborn diapers and asking everyone else to get size 1.

3. Bodysuits. This is the most essential clothing item for a baby. They are perfect for a lazy day around the house and can easily be dressed up with pants or shorts and shoes. And you can fit multiple ones into the diaper bag without taking up a ton of space.

4. Umbrella stroller. You won’t be using this right off the bat, but once baby hits 6 months old, you will NEED an umbrella stroller. They are so lightweight and compact. Easy to travel with, not overly expensive, and perfect for a day at Disneyland!

5. Baby bath tub. I love that this Finding Nemo tub grows with your baby. I thought about bringing the baby in the big tub with me and even in the shower, but that felt dangerous. Babies are so tiny and slippery, so having something they can lay against as newborns and then sit up in as they grow is ideal. Oh, I also tried the kitchen sink method and that didn’t work very well either.

6. A massage. That one person who is already a mom realizes this is what you need most. I welcomed any sort of spa gift card. I’m not sure if there is a way to register for one of those, but if there is, you should totally do it!

7. DIAPER CREAM! You will need it. A lot of it. Do your sanity a favor and register for a lot of it.

8. Bibs. These aren’t just for the days when baby starts to eat baby food. Bibs are great for keeping drool from completely soaking that bodysuit you’ve got your baby in. You wouldn’t believe how much drool can come from a tiny baby’s mouth, even before their teeth break through their gums.

9. Baby gates. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can barricade a baby into a safe area without a gate. And you especially need a gate of you have stairs of any sort. This is a great gift for a parent’s piece of mind while baby is crawling around or learning to walk.

10. Nursing pillow. I couldn’t imagine breastfeeding without the pillow, especially when my boys were newborns. It’s near impossible to get the baby high enough to eat comfortably without one. They are a must have, for sure.

11. Swaddling blankets. These have so many uses! Of course you can swaddle your baby with them, but they are also perfect for a cover for breastfeeding, a lightweight blanket to put over the top of the stroller or car seat for shade, a blankie for baby to cuddle with while sleeping, as a burp cloth, and even to cover a changing table with when changing your baby’s diaper.

12. Diaper bag. I could not have lived without a large diaper bag. There are so many items you will need when you venture out with your baby so a practical diaper bag is a must. This diaper tote has all of the essentials, such as a bottle carrier, a ton of pockets, a stroller hook and a mat for the changing table. It’s best to get a diaper bag that comes with all of those extras so you don’t have to go out and buy all of the extra pieces.

I hope registering for your baby shower isn’t stressing you out. Just know that you will be spoiled and showered with love that day. And try to enjoy each moment of that day, because pretty soon it’s the baby that will be getting spoiled instead. I hope you have a dreamy baby shower day and that you get all of the amazing gifts you desire… and the ones you really NEED. :)

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