The 10 Best Blogs for Creative Toddlers

As a mother of 3 young girls, I am always in search of new ideas and creative activities that I can do with them. From art projects and sensory play to reading and using our imagination, a lot of our time is focused on creativity. I have a few staple projects and activities that we do on a regular basis, but I’m always looking for more. If you’re a parent of a toddler or preschooler, I imagine you’re in the same boat. Today, I bring you the 10 best blogs for creative toddlers

  • Your Best Resources for Creative Fun

    Your Best Resources for Creative Fun

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  • Fun At Home With Kids

    If you’re on Pinterest, chances are you’ve pinned something from this site! Fun At Home With Kids is FILLED with awesome activities for little ones. Also, mark your calendars! Fun At Home With Kids is coming out with a book this November called, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids!

    “My greatest hope is to make playing at home seem simple, easy, and affordable – because it can be! I try to focus on open-ended play that encourages creativity and imaginative play. We do a little bit of everything here – science, art, crafts, sensory play, and small world play.”

    Visit Fun At Home With Kids

  • Twodaloo

    Twodaloo is one of my go-to sites for hands-on, super rad sensory play! Her activities aren’t just for fun, but for language development, too!

    “My goal is to provide you with simple, smart, purposeful play ideas and activities to help you connect, engage, and stimulate your child’s development at home. Not only will I provide ideas that you can use, but I’ll tell you WHY they are important for development and HOW to use them effectively! And since I’m a language specialist, there will be a big emphasis on building communication skills in early childhood- after all, who doesn’t want their child to be an effective communicator?”

    Visit Twodaloo

  • No Time for Flash Cards

    I first found No Time for Flash Cards on Instagram. A friend of mine linked her adorable marshmallow bunny project. Once I found her site, I was hooked. Her goal?

    “To share the knowledge I have acquired working with preschoolers and their parents for more than 10 years .

    To provide an accessible resource for parents and teachers filled with multi level, easy to follow , and fun activities for young children.

    To support these activities with books, songs and play.

    To add some fun and learning to your day at home, or some new activities to your classroom.

    To promote the importance of early childhood education at home and at school.

    To ditch the flash cards!”

    My kind of learning!

    Visit No Time for Flash Cards

  • Crafting Connections

    Crafting Connections is a great blog for creative discourse. Along with creative ideas for families, they often share tips for HOW to live a creative lifestyle. In addition to their blog, they also sell eBooks and magazines, focusing on family creativity.

    “Through our products we seek to inspire – offering the tools you need to help you feel capable, confident and connected when it comes to creating, crafting (and beyond!) with your little one. We publish a quarterly creative magazine for little ones and their grown-ups; filled with projects and inspiration to help you craft and connect with your kids.”

    Visit Crafting Connections

  • Playful Learning

    If you’re looking for educational activities that are fun and creative, Playful Learning is the perfect place for you!

    “We believe that children have an inherent drive to actively investigate and make a positive impact on the world around them. When presented with stimulating and engaging experiences, children intuitively take full advantage of the opportunities to learn.”

    Visit Playful Learning

  • The Artful Parent

    Here’s another great blog centered around art!

    “I am passionate about children’s art and creativity. I want you to be passionate about them, too. I share ideas, info, and inspiration to encourage you to enjoy art with the kids in your life.”

    Visit The Artful Parent

  • Tinkerlab

    Tinkerlab is such a fun website, jam-packed with awesome ideas for experimenting, creating, and tinkering!

    “Rachelle Doorley is mom to two girls, an artist and educator, and founder of the popular children’s creativity blog, She is also the author of TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors (Roost Books, 2014) and has written articles on creativity and arts education for School Arts Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and FamilyFun Magazine. Rachelle lives in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and her two curious daughters, where she leads workshops on visual thinking and hands-on creativity.”

    Visit Tinkerlab

  • The Imagination Tree

    A great resource for activities organized by both age and skill!

    “The Imagination Tree was started as a place to channel my frustrated creativity after becoming a stay at home mum (best job in the world!) You will find plenty of ideas for art and crafts, imaginative play, creativity, science investigations, early maths ideas and LOTS of fun! There are links to how each activity can promote early learning. Come and join the play-based community!”

    Visit The Imagination Tree

  • Kids Activities Blog

    Needing a last-minute project to kill some summer boredom? Kids Activities Blog is perfect…

    “Kids Activities Blog is all about fun things to do with kids that are easy, fun, have a learning element and can be done with stuff you already have at home.”

    Visit Kids Activities Blog

  • Modern Parents Messy Kids

    Another great resource for parents of little ones. Not only do they have tons of fun ideas, they’ve got articles about what to feed your kids and posts about parenting advice, as well!

    “Our motto, “mindful living, effortless style” translates to creative playtime activities, stimulating parenting discussions, clever organizational tips, DIY projects and even some fresh style finds”

    Visit Modern Parents Messy Kids

*Blogs are not listed in any particular order.

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