That’s Brilliant! The Baby Powder Beach Trick!

For some of us, the summer weather is still going strong, which means that you might be able to sneak in one last quick trip to the beach before the fall brings in its icy cold breezes! I just learned this brilliant trick for getting sticky sand off your little one’s legs and feet! Have you tried the baby powder beach trick yet? It’s brilliant!

baby at beach

Here’s the trick… When you are ready to head home, shake a bunch of baby powder all over your little one’s feet and toes and legs (or wherever the sand is wet and sticking to them). Rub it in for a moment and then let it sit. The powder will absorb the moisture in the sand and the sand will be super easy to brush off with your hand or your towel. Isn’t that brilliant?! Try it for yourself and see how well it works!

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