That’s Brilliant! How to Make Mess-Free Toddler Finger Foods

Our son is almost 15 months old. I still can’t believe it. And with this new age comes a lot of new developments. One of which is his independence. He wants to do things himself, especially food related things. He wants to feed himself, he wants to use the spoon, he wants to hold the cup.

My friend told me about this little trick after I was lamenting about how sticky and messy he always gets, and it’s so brilliant that I had to share it with you!

Say goodbye to sticky banana fingers!

  • How To Make Mess Free Finger Food For Toddlers

    How To Make Mess Free Finger Food For Toddlers

    This trick is so brilliant I just had to pass it on to you! Click through for simple step-by-step instructions on how to make sticky foods (like bananas) mess free for your little ones!

  • Step One: Gather

    Step One: Gather

    You don’t need many supplies. This is so easy you could even manage it on the go. You need your sticky finger food of choice (my son’s favorite is bananas), a knife, a plastic baggie that seals, and your favorite toddler cereal.

  • Step Two: Prep

    Step Two: Prep

    I cut bananas into 1/4 inch dollars and then into quarters. They are big enough for little fingers to grasp but not so big that they are hazardous. Do you own thing though and prep your sticky snack.

  • Step Three: Crunch

    Step Three: Crunch

    Put the cereal in the baggie, seal it up tight, and crunch it into tiny crumbs. You can let older kids help with this step if they want!

  • Step Four: Add it Up

    Step Four: Add it Up

    Add your sticky food (we’re using bananas here) into the bag full of cereal crumbs.

  • Step Five: Shake

    Step Five: Shake

    Kids will like this step too. Shake, shake, shake, the baggie until the pieces of sticky finger food are completely coated with the cereal crumbs.

  • Step Six: Enjoy! (Mess Free)

    Step Six: Enjoy! (Mess Free)

    When you take the pieces out they should be completely coated in crumbs making them easy to grab, and not sticky. BRILLIANT!

  • See For Yourself!

    See For Yourself!

    I figured I’d show you, in case you were skeptical. I picked up a couple pieces in my hands, you can see all the crumbs and then when I put it back down…

  • No More Mess!

    No More Mess!

    CLEAN FINGERS! No sticky banana residue! You can thank me later. ;)
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