That’s Brilliant! DIY Water Blob Tutorial

Summer is here! The heat is rising and the sunshine stays till longer in the day. If you’re like us, you’ve got a little one asking all day to go “owsiiiii” (aka “outside”). And it can be daunting to come up with activities every day to entertain the littles. Play equipment can be expensive and sometimes the water hose just won’t cut it. Enter… THE BLOB! When a friend of mine told me about this DIY I was totally intrigued. It looks like so much fun I kinda want to play on it myself! We’ll definitely be giving this a try this summer. Click through for a full DIY tutorial on making your own water blob thanks to the talented and sweet Bobbie Byrd of The Clumsy Crafter

  • DIY "Water Blob" Tutorial!

    Click through to see how to make your own summertime “water blob”. This looks like so much fun and it’s pretty easy to make and fairly inexpensive as well!

    via The Clumsy Crafter

  • Step 1: Gather the Supplies

    A Water Blob is basically a huge water pillow. You can leave it dry for a cool and bouncy place to play, or put a hose or sprinkler shooting over it for a massive slip-and-slide type of toy. To start, all you need is plastic sheeting and duct tape. So easy right?!

    via The Clumsy Crafter

  • Step 2: Easy Assembly

    Lay out the plastic sheet and then fold it in half. Duct tape all the open sides closed, but leave a small hole for the hose. If you want to add some fun, you could put a bit of food coloring in. It fades over time, but it’s still fun. Bobbie also suggests trying tiny glitter, gummy fish or worms – or anything small and soft without sharp edges. Start filling it up with water from the hose. When it’s done, tape the opening shut so there are no openings around the edges anymore.

    via The Clumsy Crafter

  • Step 3: Let the Littles Loose!

    The blob will be a cool and dry place to play outside, just like a waterbed mattress would feel if you keep the top dry. Or… you could turn on a sprinkler nearby or just spray the kiddos with the hose to make a slippery slide out of the blob. Have fun!

    via The Clumsy Crafter

  • Extra Tips

    Extra Tips

    - If you get any little holes. just plug them up with more duct tape.
    – You could use this as a sensory play experiment making waves!
    – Make sure you are on a flat surface, no hills or inclines.
    – Use thick plastic sheeting (painting drop cloths will be too thin).
    – HAVE FUN!


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