That’s Brilliant! A Gratitude Project for Toddlers!

My friend Nikki is the most inspiring mom I know. She is always doing really fun and creative things for her son, Cam. She constantly inspires me to be a better mom myself. Earlier this year she started a “Gratitude Board” for her son and has been documenting it online and I’ve just loved the idea. I asked her if she’d mind me sharing it, because it is so brilliant, and she said yes. Click through to learn, in Nikki’s words, all about her gratitude project!

  • A Gratitude Project For Toddlers! Brilliant.

    A Gratitude Project For Toddlers! Brilliant.

    After a crazy holiday season, I decided to start teaching Cam to appreciate the “gifts” that we encounter on an everyday basis. So to make it fun, I bought a big chalkboard, and sit down and ask him what he is grateful for and then we write it out, take a photo and share it in the hopes that other people will sit back and take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the little things in life!

  • Thankful for... Balloons

    Thankful for... Balloons

    These balloons were left over from my birthday and occupied him for hours!

  • Thankful for... Sky, Clouds and Buildings

    Thankful for... Sky, Clouds and Buildings

    He was feeling extra thankful on our drive home through the downtown area.

  • Thankful for... Freats

    Thankful for... Freats

    On Fridays we get “Freats” (treats.) I guess it’s time to start working with him on his “T”s

  • Thankful for... Days Off!

    Thankful for... Days Off!

    Laundry doing, movie watching, too-cold-to-function case of the lazies on this day.

  • Thankful for... Mommy

    Thankful for... Mommy

    I swear he said it. Although I’m almost certain he was trying to get out of going to bed.

  • Thankful for... Technology

    Thankful for... Technology

    I may have influenced this one… But it’s the truth.

  • Thankful for... The Rain

    Thankful for... The Rain

    We needed it… and apparently Meteorologist Cam knew it.

  • Thankful for... Sissy

    Thankful for... Sissy

    Sissy is here!!!

  • Thankful for... Shampoo

    Thankful for... Shampoo

    Post-bath. He won’t let me use any other shampoo on him.

  • Thankful for... Discipline

    Thankful for... Discipline

    We had a rough day at school, so we wrote his teacher to apologize. He may not be grateful now, (insert crying fit) but he will be one day.

  • Thankful for... Bandages

    Thankful for... Bandages

    I think that makes two of us. Bed frame- 1, Cameron’s right leg- 0

  • Thankful for.. Easter

    Thankful for.. Easter

    Happy Easter Friends!

  • Thankful for... Football

    Thankful for... Football

    He said football, and then immediately said “Go 49ers”. He’s a smart guy.

  • Thankful for... Monster Trucks

    Thankful for... Monster Trucks

    This day was all about Monster Trucks… and apparently pirates as well. Arrrrggg!

  • Thankful for... Ice Cream

    Thankful for... Ice Cream

    First two automatic answers everyday are “mommy” and “ice cream”, thinking mommy will then give him ice cream.

  • Thankful for... Naptime!

    Thankful for... Naptime!

    I think all Moms can relate to this one. ;)

    I hope this project inspires you to take a moment to be thankful for all the little gifts in life, and to share that with your kids and families!


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