Why We’re Thankful for Mimaw

Grandmas around the world, I salute you. You are the baby rocking, diaper changing, boo-boo kissing, candy treating, “I know it’s last minute but can you babysit tonight?” unsung heroes of the baby world.

Whether you go by the name Grandma or Granny, Mimaw or Mamaw, Gram Gram, Gum Gum, or even Ni Ni… you grandmothers are something special to be thankful for!

You offer your wisdom and your time and your snuggles. You are there when the other babysitter falls through, and you help to do the laundry when it starts to overflow. And even though you spoil them rotten, we couldn’t do it without you.

Today and always, we are thankful for you! xo.

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