10 Things You Should Never Do When You’re “Mama Tired”

As mamas of young children, we all have our moments where we are so tired that nothing makes sense. Do you know what I mean? It’s when the baby has been up eight times in the night, for so many nights you can’t even keep track anymore, or when your toddler is teething (again) and needs to be carried everywhere, every single day, and you fall into your bed in a heap before you can brush your teeth at night. Chances are, if you’re a mom, you’ve been there, and you’ll probably be there again. I find that I can wade through the tired feeling and keep my kids safe and mostly happy even when I am utterly exhausted, but there are a lot of things that I just shouldn’t do. Here are 10 of my don’ts for those super tired days.

  • 10 Things You Should NEVER Do When You're

    10 Things You Should NEVER Do When You're "Mama Tired"

    Don’t even think about it, tired mama! Go grab a cup of coffee instead.

  • Trim Your Bangs

    Trim Your Bangs

    Maybe you’ve walked by the mirror and noticed that in your exhaustion, you’d forgotten how long it had been since your last trim. Stop right there. Do NOT get the scissors. This will only end in a painful bang-growing-out period.

  • Trim Your Child's Bangs

    Trim Your Child's Bangs

    Okay, so maybe you recognized that trimming your own hair was too complex for a tired moment, but your kid’s hair? It’s so easy and straightforward, just a straight line across the forehead. NO. That line won’t be straight when your hands are shaking from fatigue. Try temporarily using a barrette instead.

  • Do a Big Grocery Run

    Do a Big Grocery Run

    You’re tired, and everything that is easiest will look like the best thing ever. With judgment that’s clouded like this, you’ll end up with a cart full of chips, granola bars, and mediocre frozen dinners, not to mention chocolate to give yourself a little boost. Get only what you need for now and save the big shopping for later. (But get the chocolate if you want; I would.)

  • Online Auction Shopping

    Online Auction Shopping

    Everything seems like a great deal when you’re exhausted and realize you can get things cheaper without even having to leave your house. Step away from the computer before you end up with twelve new-to-you items that will only be a disappointment when your head is a bit clearer.

  • Try Making a Brand New Recipe

    Try Making a Brand New Recipe

    There may only be four steps to dinner deliciousness, but that’s four different opportunities for things to go horribly wrong if you read the directions incorrectly. Even if it’s simple, skip it until you’ve gotten some rest and your reading comprehension is back up to snuff.

  • Make Decisions About Things That Aren't Easy to Alter

    Make Decisions About Things That Aren't Easy to Alter

    I knew a mama who got a new tattoo while in the throes of exhaustion due to all night feedings. She never agreed to show it to me. It was that bad. Thinking about something similarly permanent? Just give it a minute – or a few hours – of sleep before you have it done.

  • Start or Participate in an Argument

    Start or Participate in an Argument

    This one is hard, because if you’re like me at all, you might get more snippy when you’re tired. This is all the more reason to hold off on any displays of disagreement. Not only will you not make sense due to your tired brain not functioning, but the person you’re arguing with might not make sense to you, and there might not be a point to it in the end anyway. Take a rest and come back with a cooler head.

  • Take Advantage of a

    Take Advantage of a "No Risk Free Trial Offer"

    The risk is that you’ll forget you signed up and how to cancel when it’s no longer going to be free. Just wait until you’re more reasonable, then decide if you want to try the service in question.

  • DIY At Home Health and Beauty Treatments

    DIY At Home Health and Beauty Treatments

    It might seem appealing to be able to do things at home that you normally have done at a salon. You’ll save money and can get the tasks done in your pajamas! I know how tempting it is, but I also know how horribly it can turn out. It took three visits to the salon to undo the damage I did when I both dyed and highlighted my hair while exhausted.

  • Try to Be Productive During Nap Time Instead of Taking a Nap Yourself

    Try to Be Productive During Nap Time Instead of Taking a Nap Yourself

    If you ever want to be truly productive again, you need your rest. Lie down, mama. Nobody needs you at this very moment, and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of that. It will make things easier for everyone if you get your rest.

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