Appreciating Everyday Moments With Baby

I sit here and quietly study the lines on her face. She is 7 weeks old and already changing. I try to swallow the lump that is starting to form in my throat. You see, my first two kids are already growing at a rapid pace. My oldest will be 4 this year. I know better this time around… I know how fast it goes.

  • little hands.

    Little Hands

    The floors squeak as I rock her in the night…just me and her. Her soft skin and tiny little noises. She is growing. Changing. Daydreams flood my mind of what her life story will be. All just beginning now.

  • quickly they change.

    Quickly, They Change

    I know that the days of being swaddled and rocked are fleeting. Quickly they change.

  • little dreamers

    Little Dreamers

    I know that both of my “big kids” once sat in the same small carrier. They both slept at night in the same tiny bassinet. Now their long legs hang over their beds as their chests rise and fall in slumber. They play, run, imagine, and dream.

  • capture


    Before I know it I will be sitting at graduations, I will be shopping for a wedding dress with one of my girls, I will be watching my boy become a man. And in this moment, I am desperate to capture her smell, capture her tiny fingers, tiny toes -- because she is changing. Growing. And I don’t want to miss a moment.

  • what about you?

    What About You?

    It won’t be long. Those tiny eyelashes will change. The soft fuzz on the top of her head will grow into long blonde strands. How are you soaking in these moments? I would love to hear!

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