How I Told My 4-Year-Old We Were Having a Baby

I don’t really remember telling my oldest daughter that we were having a second child. She wasn’t quite two when we found out, and I’m not sure she really understood the whole thing (although she loved going along to hear the baby’s heartbeat at all my doctor appointments).

But this time, we knew she’d understand what we were talking about.

And we really hoped she’d be excited.


Announcing a BabyWe meant to tell her on her birthday (about a week before we were ready to announce publicly), but then my husband had an early flight that morning, and it didn’t happen.

So that weekend, while we were driving in the car (I was sitting in the backseat next to her since my mom was in town), she said, “Are you guys going to tell me that secret?”

And we did.

I said, “Ella, guess what? We’re having a baby!”

And her eyes got huge.

“Are you joking?” she asked. “Is this for real?”

And then when we assured her that it really was true and not a joke, she threw her arms around me and laughed and smiled for a good 10 minutes, asking all about when we were going to have the baby, if it was a girl or a boy, and what we should name it.

It was so so sweet to have a child who is old enough to be excited about the addition of a new little sibling in the family.

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