Disney Baby Teething Feeders from Sassy: Teething Solution Found!

After seven and a half months, the time has come. It’s arrived. Judah’s teething. And boy howdy, he is not shy in letting you know about it. Teething is a complicated milestone; on one hand, it’s a sign that yes, your little one is growing up. On the other hand, there are tiny bones pushing their way through your baby’s gums and your baby is really not so thrilled about that fact. That’s why we have just about every teething aid available to us, but there’s one that stands out from the rest: the Disney Baby Teething Feeder from Sassy.

Seriously, it’s been a teething lifesaver for the past two weeks – and here’s why!

  • Teething Relief for Our Little Chomper

    Puddles of drool? Baby putting everything into his or her mouth? Periods of random crankiness? Welcome to the teething club! Thankfully, we’ve found something to help us tame the teething beasties.

    Check out the Disney Baby Teething Feeder from Sassy!

  • Lots of New Tastes to Explore

    Lots of New Tastes to Explore

    While Judah can certainly chomp down like a champ, some things might still be a little too tough for him without teeth. We like to fill our Teething Feeder with frozen or super cold foods, like frozen sweet bell peppers, cold carrots, or even frozen green beans or grapes. We feel a lot more comfortable exposing Judah to these new tastes with such a sturdy teether.

  • Mess-Free Convenience

    Mess-Free Convenience

    Dishwasher safe? Check. Convenient cap for tucking back into your diaper bag, purse or even freezer? Check. Disposable mesh liner refills? Check. Locking cap so baby can’t tear it open? Check.

    Teething made easy peezy? Check.

  • Taming One Tooth at a Time

    Taming One Tooth at a Time

    With its easy-to-grip handle, locking cap and soft mesh bag, Judah has no problem practicing his fine motor skills as he holds it while chomping down on whatever tasty goodies we can pack inside. With the super recognizable Mickey ear handle, he totally lights up and recognizes that teething relief is on the way when we take it out for him!

  • Mickey Mouse Teething Feeder from Sassy

    From it’s great styling to its mess-free convenience, we are so thankful we’ve got our Sassy Teething Feeder on hand! If your little one is starting to show signs of teething, trust me: get yourself a Sassy Teething Feeder pronto!

    (You’ll thank me later.)

    Get your Disney Baby Sassy Teething Feeder exclusively at Babies"R"Us

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