Tech Babies Explore the World

Kids are so good at figuring out our technology aren’t they? And at copying how we use it! It’s so cute to me to see little kids hold things up to their ears and mimic us on phones. Today’s adorable tech babies are exploring this world like never before. And while we spend lots of time away from technology, sometimes it’s fun to watch our son learning how to work the world around him…

  • Tech Babies Explore The World

    Tech Babies Explore The World

    Our son loves to sit at the table at the laptop like DaDa does while he works. Doesn’t he look so professional?

  • The World At Their Fingertips

    The World At Their Fingertips

    Our son loves to watch videos of animals and of babies online. He laughs and points and it is actually helpful in his learning the names of various animals that we wouldn’t be able to just go outside and see.

  • Hand Eye Coordination

    Hand Eye Coordination

    He so quickly learned to mimic our hands on they keyboard. He knows that pushing the keys changes things on the screen. It’s amazing to watch his little brain work!

  • Touch Screen Fun

    Touch Screen Fun

    There are great developmental videos and apps for toddlers. Our son loves one where you touch shapes and they burst into stars and music plays.

  • Hello? Who's There?

    Hello? Who's There?

    It doesn’t matter how bad of a mood you’re in. When a toddler picks up a phone and has a pretend conversation with it you can’t help but laugh and smile. Gotta love our tech babies!


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