Teaching the Kids the Meaning of Teamwork

Despite the four year age difference between M and Little L, they surprisingly play very well together. He is careful with her, makes sure there are no small pieces around, and she — well, she has no fear!

She gets right in there and does everything he does. If M is at his train table, so is she. If he’s playing in the mini-kitchen, so is she. If M is laying in the tent, she goes right in.


It’s super cute and it teaches them to share and to work as a team. M helps her when she struggles with a toy, he helps her open things and if she needs to stand and is having a hard time, he props her up — it’s true sibling teamwork. And to really drive home that message, we told M that all of the toys in the playroom that Santa brought were for him and Little L. This way it keeps him from claiming things as his own. So far, it has worked.

On Christmas morning M helped Little L open gifts (well, he opened ALL of the gifts!) and was excited to see her new toys. I’m very proud of my children and before we get to the “fighting” years I am enjoying every moment!

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