Teaching Mealtime Independence One Sip at a Time

Mealtime is a blast in our house. When we’re not trying new foods, we’re learning new skills.

For a couple of months now, Judah has been learning to use a sippy cup. At first, we only gave it to him after his breakfast. Gradually, we’ve been swapping out more of his bottle feedings with his sippy cup.

Teaching our baby to use a sippy cup is more than just about learning a new skill: It’s about teaching him confident independence.

  • Teaching Confidence

    Teaching Confidence

    The first time Judah ever held up his own bottle, we could see that he wanted to take charge and try to do this basic skill on his own. With the help of his NUK learner cup, he lights up at the opportunity to hold up his own bottle. While he may drop it, his level of perseverance to pick it back up and try again is inspiring to see as a parent.

  • Mickey Mouse Learner Cup from NUK

    We’re big fans of the Disney Baby NUK feeding products in our house. From the soft silicone spout to the intuitive handles, Judah figured out how to hold and lift his trainer cup within a few minutes. It’s the perfect size for a post-meal bottle or midday snack and of course, we just love the Mickey Mouse design!

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  • Independence as He Grows

    As Judah gains more confidence with his sippy cup, we can eventually start transitioning him to “big boy” cups, like this no-spout, no-spill Mickey Mouse Grow Up Cup. Building upon previously learned skills only helps him become a more confident child!

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  • Growing and Learning with Minnie Mouse

    Don’t worry… even though Mickey might steal the show in our house, your little foodie gal can learn and grow with Minnie Mouse, like with this adorable straw cup. Judah’s just about ready to try straw sipping soon!

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  • At the Head of the Table

    Even something as simple as a booster seat helps teach our son that he too can sit at the table like a big boy with Mommy and Daddy! It’s all about role modeling good mealtime behavior with him, so bringing Judah right up to the table teaches him even more confident independence at mealtime.

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  • "Don't Worry Ma, I Got This!"

    With all the independence he’s been learning since we started him with the sippy cup, it won’t be long now until Judah pretty much runs mealtime by himself!

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