The Number One Key to Doing Errands With a Baby


I remember a time when I only had one or two children and the thought of taking them with me on errands made me run in fear. There was no WAY I could handle such a task, I’d tell myself in earnestness. Just. No. Way.

Fast forward six years or so and I piled four kids (including the baby!) into the car for a Costco run, of all things.

I’m not crazy, even though this outing appeared to be at first.

The key to doing errands with the baby and all the rest of the brood is to come prepared. Bring snacks, toys, do all changes and potty breaks before you leave the house, take water and if you have them, older siblings to entertain the little one.

I tend to go all “prison warden” on the kids when we’re in a large store, but I think that’s the way we get stuff done with the minimal amount of casualties. I move at a super fast pace while walking (I could almost win a gold medal in speed walking!) and I keep the kids on their toes.

The fast pace makes the baby smile and makes the kids unable to think about anything but keeping up. They forget to fight or get things off shelves or run off because they have to be on my heels!

So I’m no expert at this big family outing thing, but I think I’ve finally mastered taking the baby on errands. It does involve a bit of a show, but we manage to have fun doing it.

Where is the most difficult place you’ve taken your baby on an errand? What tips do you have to share on how to survive it?

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