Taking a Weekend Away

Last Friday night, I decided to be spontaneous and loaded all five littles into the car, grabbed my Mom, and headed down to the beach. My husband stayed behind to enjoy the quiet house, but I just felt like getting away for the weekend. My older girls were finishing up their spring break and I thought it would be fun to take a three-hour drive to get away and make memories before they headed back to school.

I think sometimes it’s just important to take a breather, sit by the ocean, and enjoy your little ones with no iPhones taking up your time or worrying over deadlines. It truly was a breath of fresh air and so much fun to see them enjoying beach life. Between the sun shining and the 80-degree weather, we didn’t want to leave. Grayson was really little the last time we went to the beach, so he had so much fun exploring.

Take a look at our fun time at the beach!

  • "Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day."

    Just like Winnie the Pooh said, it was my new favorite day with my kids.

  • Exploring


    Grayson was really into taking everything in. He would stop and stare as bikes went by, people waved and he was just al about studying everything at the beach.

  • Taking A Seat

    Taking A Seat

    Grayson was patiently waiting for us as we gathered everything together to head up to the beach. Of course, we had to snap a photo of him saying “cheeseeeeee”.

  • Such a Sweet Moment

    Such a Sweet Moment

    As we all held hands and looked onto the waves, there were lots of giggles and beautiful memories made.

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