Take the Photo: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Are a Better Photographer

The Internet is full of great advice for improving your photos, and my photography has greatly improved thanks to lots of blog posts, tips from professionals and photography-related pins.

It thrills me when I can catch a shot like this, where Ani’s eyes are crisp and sparkly, the background is blurred, and her face is in sharp focus.

Baby Photo

But as my older daughter gets bigger and I look back on the photos from her early life, when I was just starting to figure out my camera (or hadn’t even yet TRIED to figure out my camera), I don’t look at them and think, “I wish I’d known how to shoot on something besides auto” or “the flash ruined that whole picture!”

Sleeping Baby

I think, “My sweet little girl! Those tiny feet! She’s grown up so much! I remember that quiet fall evening!”

If I’d waited until I knew more about my camera, I would have almost no pictures of the first two years of Ella’s life. I don’t regret a single picture I’ve taken of her. They capture her babyhood which now seems long behind her. They may not be professional looking, they may not be worthy of framing on the wall, but I love looking through them, remembering those days when she was my only tiny child.

Sometimes the urge to wait to take photos until you’re better, until you have a nice camera, until you can shoot on manual, until you have a better lens, until the lighting is better, can be strong.

Ignore it.

Take the photo now, even if it’s a little blurry. Even if your only camera is an old, slow phone camera. Even if the lighting is bad, or the flash goes off, or you have no earthly idea what white balance is.

You won’t regret it.

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