Take Meaningful Photos No Matter What Camera You Own

Before I had Beck I purchased my first DSLR camera because I wanted to be able to take nice photos of my kids. But I quickly learned that just because you have a good camera doesn’t mean your photos will turn out great. You actually have to know how to use your camera. Ha! Along the way I’ve learned tips that have helped the quality of my photos improve but I’m still working on the process. One of the biggest helps while learning has been online courses I’ve taken from photographers so I was happy to learn about The Snap Academy Workshop, an video class taught by photographer Melissa Lyon West, that focuses on basic photography principles. What intrigues me about this class is that Melissa says


it’s not about the camera you have, it’s about your foundation of photography principles. So you don’t need to run out and buy any fancy equipment and can still take your photos up a notch, something that I think would appeal to most moms out there.

Click here to learn more about The Snap Academy Workshop and visit Melissa’s blog for weekly photography tips.

image: Melissa Lyon West

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