Take a Seat: Booster Seats for the Dinner Table

For Christmas, we bought our one-year-old daughter a booster seat.

I know, it might not be the most thrilling gift out there, but I think she wouldn’t have loved any toy more.

She’s been in a high chair for months, but had learned how to stand up in it, no matter how tightly we fastened the belt, and I was constantly worried that she’d fall out on her little noggin. Plus, because we have a bar-height table, she was quite a bit lower than the rest of the family, which she didn’t care for.

Finally, while planning Christmas presents, my husband said, “What about a booster chair so she can eat at the table with us?”

The first time we put her in it, her whole face lit up, and now she happily stays seated through meals and it’s so fun to all sit around the table as a family.

  • Goodbye, High Chair!

    Goodbye, High Chair!

    After a couple of near misses, we were ready to bid the high chair goodbye and move her to the table!

  • Happy Camper!

    Happy Camper!

    Having her eat at the table with us makes her seem so old! And also cuts down on her unhappiness at meal time (plus, it’s easier to feed her during the meal).

  • MINNIE MOUSE Dream Festival Booster Seat

    The dishwasher safe tray makes for easy clean-up (who wants to clean a spaghetti explosion by hand?)

    Available from Disney Baby

  • CARS Booster Seat

    The seat back folds down for easy storage and makes it simple to take on the go!

    Available from Disney Baby

  • One for the Big Sister Too!

    One for the Big Sister Too!

    Our three-year-old was so enamored with the booster seat that we went back and bought her one too. Now she can comfortably eat at the table, instead of having to kneel (like she’s been doing for the last year).

    Next thing you know, my husband will be asking for one too!

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