Everything I Need for My Home Birth

I remember with my first two pregnancies, packing my hospital bag was so exciting. I would pack it and repack it, looking at all the contents, eager to put them to use in the hospital. But by my third pregnancy, I decided that a home birth was the direction I planned for. Technically, I didn’t have to pack anything–everything I could possibly want to make me comfortable was already in place. Home sweet home! However, there were certain items that I needed to purchase for the actual delivery and some additional things that would help me through my labor. I remember when I ordered my home birth kit and the small box arrived on my door step, I was completely surprised by how little was needed to have a baby at home.


“That’s it?!” I couldn’t believe that the majority of my birth kit consisted of disposable absorbent liners. My midwife provided me with an additional list of items to pick up as well. Most of those items were things that would provide me comfort and nourishment during labor. Being my first home birth experience and wanting to make sure I was prepared, I went ahead and bought everything on the list.

Now that I’m days (!!!) away from my second home birth, I’ve assembled the exact items that I actually used last time and know I will need to make this another comfortable labor and delivery. As for the medical equipment, my midwife brings that along. Go ahead and take a look and you’ll find that my home birth supplies are possibly very similar to your hospital bag contents. Minus the placenta bowl!

  • Home Birth Kit

    Home Birth Kit

    Just one look at my home birth supplies, and you’ll find that you’ve probably packed similar items in your hospital bag.

  • For Me

    For Me

    - Long, soft, and comfy top
    – My favorite blanket; I get cold during labor
    – Socks; I have cold feet *all* the time
    – Protein bars for nourishment and energy
    – Coconut water to prevent dehydration
    – Ylang Ylang essential oil to calm me
    – Scented candle for ambiance

    Not shown: dates.

  • For Delivery

    For Delivery

    - Receiving blankets; I cut up a soft flannel sheet.
    – Absorbent liners
    – Hydrogen peroxide; for possible stains
    – Placenta bowl; this one still cracks me up
    – Garbage bags

    The ivory towel was mine as a baby. My mom just found it and I thought it would be sweet to use to catch the baby.

  • For  Baby

    For Baby

    - Diaper
    – Undershirt
    – Gown; love these for the first week!
    – Warm blanket
    – Camera!

    Not shown: socks and a hat

  • Home Birth Kit Basket

    Home Birth Kit Basket

    I keep all the supplies neatly tucked away in a basket that I will bring out once labor begins. It makes it easy for everyone to know what I want and need.

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