How to Tackle Bathtime with Three Kids

With three young girls, everything takes a bit more time. Bathtime is no different. Getting three girls bathed and in their jammies each night can be quite the feat, but we’ve found a few ways to simplify the process and make it easier on everyone.

Here are five ways to tackle bathtime with three kids…

1. Go potty first! With the help of our Disney Baby potty seat, our older girls can use the toilet on their own. We make sure that each of them goes before they get in the bath, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than having to get wet kiddos out mid-bath so they can use the toilet. (Or worse, going IN the bathtub. Gross.)


2. Stick as many kids in the tub as you can. Now that Margot is sitting well on her own, all three girls can take a bath at the same time. We don’t have to worry about them slipping, because of our Princess bathmat. Bathing them all at the same time saves us lots of time and it saves on water! Win-win! Before she could sit on her own, I’d bathe with her first, then we’d give our older two a bath together.

3. Find some engaging bath toys! If the girls have some fun things to do in the bath, it makes hard things (like getting their hair wet and washing it) a little bit easier. Plus, while one of them is getting washed, the others are occupied with something to do. These bath toys are perfect for keeping little ones entertained!

4. Let them dry with cute, warm towels (my girls LOVE character towels with the hood!) They are so much more excited to get out if they get to use one. Also, putting them in the dryer right before bath time makes for an extra special treat! It helps them calm down and get nice and snuggly just before bed.

5. Give everyone a job. Of course, everything is easier if my husband and I are both helping out. He usually washes the girls, then I’m in charge of drying them off, getting them dressed for bed, and brushing their hair, clipping their nails, etc. We have our little process down like a well-oiled machine!

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