12 Sweetest Quotes About Sleeping Babies

Putting a child to sleep and just walking away is easier said than done.

No matter how tired I am, or how much work I need to get done, I can’t help but stop and stare at my sleeping babies. Even my oldest baby who is four is just precious to look at, and now with my newborn, Little L, I have a hard time looking away.

I trace her features with my eyes, I follow the lines of her lips, I gently swoop my fingertips over her eyelids, then brush my hand on her cheek. She may flutter with baby delight or let out a sigh and re-snuggle back in my arms. I dare anyone to try to resist that — it’s pretty much impossible.

Here are a few quotes and my own personal thoughts on sleeping babies — because they are just magical.

  • Sweet Sleeping Baby Quotes

    Sweet sleeping baby quotes and thoughts…

    Image: Becky A. Gardner Photography

  • A Mother's Arms

    A Mother's Arms

    Yes, Victor pretty much got that right. Babies have never slept better than when in our arms — makes me feel as if we are one.

  • Sweet Baby Smell

    Sweet Baby Smell

    That baby smell we love so much is even sweeter when they are snuggled up sleeping in your arms. It’s like they ooze it when they are in deep slumber.

  • Smiling Sleeping Babies

    Smiling Sleeping Babies

    My husband is always amazed at how much our Little L smiles in her sleep. He asks “I wonder what she sees?” I like to think she is hearing and seeing angels keeping her company during her sleeping moments.

  • Sleep Like A Baby

    Sleep Like A Baby

    I couldn’t resist this one —and how true it is!

  • Kiss Your Children Goodnight

    Kiss Your Children Goodnight

    I do, I do! It’s impossible to leave a room and not sneak in a few more kisses from your little ones. I told my son once that I kiss him when he sleeps and he said “I know mami, that’s why I sleep better.”

  • Not Enough Sleep

    Not Enough Sleep

    So very true! While we may adore our sleeping babes, if we don’t get enough of it, we turn into them — bed head and all.

  • Cherish The Moments

    Cherish The Moments

    Cherish every moment and I especially like the bit about leaving the cleaning and scrubbing for mañana!

  • A Sense Of Peace

    A Sense Of Peace

    No matter how stressed I am or much I need to get her to sleep to finish what I am doing, as soon as her eyelids drop I stay. I stay and watch and I immediately feel more relaxed and worry free. I love the effect sleeping babes have on me!

  • A Baby Provides Warmth

    A Baby Provides Warmth

    When I do eventually decide to remove my sleeping baby from my arms and place in her moses basket, I feel as if a warm blanket has been pulled off of me and I need to cover back up. Her tiny body provides warmth and a sense of security.

  • Sigh!


    Oh those sighs! Those sweet sweet sighs! I wish I could bottle them up and keep forever.

  • Baby Magent

    Baby Magent

    Sometimes all we want is for them to SLEEP so we can get things done, but once they do, it’s like I’m stuck, like glue or a magnet. I just gravitate towards her.

  • I Made That!

    I Made That!

    Yes, I realize it was a team effort in the creation of this tiny little being, but more than once when looking at her sleep I have uttered these words. Wow is right!

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