The Beauty in Becoming a Parent Again

After a new baby comes, things seem to get a wee bit crazy for a little while. It’s a good kind of crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

Since this was the second time around for us, the fear and anxiety that follows becoming a first time parent wasn’t there. Instead, this time, I was really able to focus on finding the beauty in the craziness that is the first four weeks after a new baby is born…

  • Sister Time

    Sister Time

    It has been an absolute joy to see my two girls together.

  • Snow! Snow! Snow!

    Snow! Snow! Snow!

    We have had some major snow storms which has given us no choice but to stay inside by the fire and cuddle ;)

  • Lots of Help!

    Lots of Help!

    Having family come visit has been such a blessing. My mom was able to stay with us for a week and half.

  • Flexible Schedule:

    Flexible Schedule

    What a blessing that my husband owns his own web design company and can work from home if need be. With a new baby at home this is huge!

  • Newborn Photoshoot

    Newborn Photoshoot

    This was so much fun! Love having these pictures as a precious keepsake.

  • First Family Outing:

    First Family Outing

    Five days after Finley was born, we took the family out for a trip to a museum.

  • Sleep:


    Well, at least one person in this family is getting lots of sleep… Boy, oh boy! She sure is cute though!

  • Family Time

    Family Time

    In the midst of the craziness, I have truly loved every minute of sweet moments like this.


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