Surviving 3 Kids: The Newborn Stage

Just 6 weeks ago, I gave birth to my third baby girl. My husband and I now have a 3 year-old, a 2 year-old, and a newborn. No part of it is a piece of cake. Quite honestly, 3 kids is a handful. I don’t have enough eyes or enough hands! They all demand a lot of attention in their own ways and it has certainly stretched me as a mom. Figuring out the daily routine with 3 kids has been a game of problem solving, really. Some things have worked beautifully, while others have flopped in my face. The learning curve has been so great that I thought I’d start a series here on Disney Baby called Surviving 3 Kids. Each post will focus on a different facet of life with 3 little ones. Today’s subject? The newborn stage…

The newborn stage is difficult. As much as I love it, it’s hard on everyone. From sleepless nights to helping the older children adjust to life with a new sibling, everyone is kind of out of their rhythm. Here are a few tips for surviving 3 kids during the newborn stage:

  1. Get help. The more hands you have to help out with everything from meals and baths to art projects and story time, the better. Eventually, you’ll learn to set up a painting station with a baby in your arms, but at first, it’s great to have some extra sets of hands around the house.
  2. Give yourself some grace. In the first couple of weeks of our newborn’s life, my older girls watched a few more shows than they usually do. They had fast food, which they never do! I was a little more lenient about things and I think it helped.
  3. Teach them to help. My older 2 quickly learned where the diapers were, where to throw them away, etc. The more they helped, the less “jealous” they seemed to feel.
  4. Let them bond. You might feel like it’d be best to keep your older kids away from the baby, but the more they can bond and get to know one another, the better. My girls love to lay in bed and talk to their baby sister. Sure, I have to tell them “not so close” or “don’t touch her eyes” from time to time, but the bonding has been so neat to watch.
  5. Find a new routine. Kids sort of thrive when they are in a groove. When a new baby arrives, everything gets thrown off. As soon as you can find a new rhythm, try to stick to it. The quicker they learn a “new normal,” the better.
Are you a parent of 3 or more? What things made the newborn stage easier for you?
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