10 Lovely Summer Inspired Baby Names

My first baby was born smack in the middle of summer (and I was living in an apartment with no air-conditioning).

At the time, I didn’t even consider using a summer-inspired name, but now, as summer takes the stage, I’m loving the idea of a name that reflects this sunny time of year:

  1. Summer – This is such an obvious one, but I’ve always liked it. It just brings the happiest time of year to mind.
  2. Sol – A Hebrew name meaning “sun,” this is perfect for a little guy born in summer.
  3. June – This name is making a huge comeback!
  4. August – If your baby is born as summer drifts into early fall, this name is a great option.
  5. Julius – If July is a bit too much for you, this Greek spin might work better.
  6. Coral – When it’s summer, I want to be at the beach, and this throw-back names perfectly evokes those warm days on the sand.
  7. Sunny – Whether you use this as a full name or as a nickname, it’s sweet and bright.
  8. Kai – A Hawaiian name meaning “ocean.”
  9. Sky – There’s nothing like a summer sky, is there? I love this name for both boys and girls.
  10. Rose – I couldn’t avoid using a flower name here; summer makes me think of big bright blossoms. (There are lots of other great options too, like Lily and Daisy).
What summer names do you love?
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