How to Dress Your Baby for Summer

Summer babies are the absolute sweetest and dressing them is even sweeter. Little sun hats and showing off those adorable baby arm rolls in sleeveless ensembles… it doesn’t get much cuter than that!

And while summer baby clothes can be fun, it also requires a bit of forethought to keep your little one cool and comfortable in the higher temperatures.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to summer baby clothes.

1. Match your baby. When dressing your little one for summer days, first consider what you are wearing. If you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, then your baby can probably wear something similar. Think about the kind of clothing and fabrics you would want to wear to avoid getting too hot and follow suit for your little one. Babies aren’t as good at regulating their temperature, so dress them in things that won’t leave them overheated.

2. Always bring along an extra layer or two. Because babies aren’t temperature-regulating pros just yet, they can also become chilled more easily than we as adults, so always be sure to bring along an extra layer or two in case the weather changes or your baby seems a little cold. For me, packing a lightweight cardigan and a breathable blanket in my diaper bag usually seems to do the trick.


3. Bodysuits are a great option. There is nothing quite so adorable as a baby in a bodysuit or romper (1, below). Those chubby little arms and legs can be on full display and they are a super-simple, no-fuss option as they can be a stand alone outfit for a tiny babe. If you have a girl, they make a great alternative to days when she wears bloomers underneath a sweet little baby skirt (2 and 3, below), and I love that they give you layering options when getting your baby dressed.

4. Don’t overdress. I love accessorizing my babies and putting together a cute outfit as much as the next parent, but in the summer, I’m all about keeping things fuss-free. Headbands and shoes are adorable, but when the weather is extra balmy, it may be more comfortable to skip them. Headbands worn in hot temperatures tend to leave marks on babies heads and shoes can cause Baby’s feet to get too warm. Save them for the cooler weather ahead!

5. Stick with lighter/brighter colors. Lighter colors won’t absorb heat the way that darker colors can. Stick with white or grey over black when possible and embrace summer brights. There’s just something about a baby in fun, bright colors that brightens a mood instantly!

6. Don’t forget a hat! Hats are an essential part of baby sun protection — especially since most babies are often lacking in the hair department! It will keep your little one perfectly shaded on those sunny days!

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